Page 2 - Maak & Albertz | Pressespiegel - Press Review (2018/19)
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This CD is the result of a fruitful collaboration between pianist Anna Maria Maak and composer Sef

                   Albertz. In addition to works by Bach, which were arranged by Albertz for piano, also own works of

                  Albertz can be found on the CD. Although these are inspired by Bach's music, their sound character is

                                                                                       entirely committed to modernity.

                                                           With impressive sovereignty Anna-Maria Maak masters both

                                                                the Bach arrangements and the compositions of Albertz.

                The piano version of the famous Ciaccona of Bach's Partita for violin in d minor, which Maak offers us

                                  with a masterly virtuosity and intimate empathy, is an example of her pianistic skills.

                                               All in all, a recording that offers interesting as well as innovative ideas.

                                                                                                                                                                   PIANONews 03/2019 (May-June)
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